What is the classification of supermarket shelves?

Supermarkets large shopping malls with the supermarket shelves in the breakdown of a lot of models:
  1、Up shelves
  2、Large back plate shelves
  3、Warehouse supermarket shelves
  4、Center back shelf
  5、Back net shelves
  6、An Chen-style shelves and so on.
  Above these shelves are commonly used shelves are based on their style and process to distinguish between different. Choose their own products, each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  Supermarket shelves selected materials quality, light and compact, durable. Integrated with modern elements designed out of the shelves of small supermarket shelves, classic supermarket shelves, bright color supermarket shelves, exquisite section of the supermarket shelves, popular models of supermarket shelves, are currently on the market selling a good shelf style.
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